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Fantasy comes face to face with the hard reality of high school in this pop musical adventure where the best— and worst!—of both worlds meet.  In the fairy tale world, princes are charming and stepsisters are wicked – that’s just how it is.  But the Woodsman dreams of being more than an incidental character without a name.  He wants to be the hero!  When Cinderella’s stepsisters find a portal to another world, they get zapped into a very real high school.  The Woodsman jumps at the chance to rescue them, but the stepsisters have no intention of returning to the fantasy realm.  After all, in the "real” world, mean girls are popular!


  Friday April 4th @ 7 PM

Saturday April 5th @ 2 PM and 6:30 PM

Sunday April 6th @ 2 PM

Wilson Middle School

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This program is run through the Natick Recreation and Parks Department.  Click here for the NRP department and information on registration.