Thank you to all who auditioned. On behalf of Jane, Lisa and Debbi, we are very excited to get to work with you on a show that promises to be a lot of fun.

There is a “blurb” at the end of this email that summarizes the show. That, and your character name, is all you’ll really know until we meet on Saturday and read through the script. So, the anticipation continues a bit. We are thrilled with the cast and can’t wait toget started!

See you on Saturday!




WOODSMAN, wants to be a hero:            Ryan K

MAGDA, Wicked Stepsister:                Briana S

PETRA, Wicked Stepsister:                Calli R

HEADMASTER GABLE, runs fairy tale land:     Nick B    

CINDERELLA:                            Caroline K

LITTLE RED:                            Leah G

ROSAMOND (Sleeping Beauty):            Zoe N

RAPUNZEL:                            Anna M

SNOW WHITE:                            Shanna D

PRINCE CHARMING:                      Joel H

MINERVA, Gable’s assistant:                Sammy S    

MIRROR:                              Emma M

GOLDILOCKS:                            Julia R

WICKED STEPMOTHER                    Hayden B

RUMPELSTILTSKIN:                    Nic P

WICKED WITCH:                        Scarlett O

EVIL QUEEN:                            Natalie K

FAIRY GODMOTHER:                    Alexa H

OLD KING COLE:                        Preston B

JACK:                                MaxA

JILL:                                    Rachel M

HANSEL:                                Charlie W

GRETEL:                                Sophia Z

LITTLE BO PEEP:                        Emily R

MARY:                                Kate R

PINOCCHIO:                            Miron B

7 DWARFS:  BOSSY                    Harriet C-M

        SNOOZE                        Lila M                

        JOY                            Marina E

        PROFESSOR                    Sophia M

        SNOOP                        Olivia Z                    

        CRANKY                        Lauren D

        SNIFFLES                    Lilly M


DANICA, realist, activist, nice girl:            Rebecca R

SADIE . mean, but popular girl:                Jessica A

GLORIA, shy student running for president:    Ava L

PRINCIPAL LEWIS, runs reality high school:    Kyle R

BULL, mean dude; Sadie’s “guy”:            Isaac W

SADIE’S GANG--MERCY:                Sarah C

            CLEMENCY                Anna L

            ELLIE:                    Emma G        

            JOSIE:                    Katie L

BULL’S CRONIES--HAP:                    Dennis M

            SLIM:                    Christian O

            IRVING:                    Connor F-G

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, the disciplinarian:     Caroline A

SUE, very smart:                        Sage L            

OPAL, her friend                        Cameron B

LEONARD, her other friend:                Charlie W    

SIMON, her other friend:                    Asher C

TAG, student graffiti artist:                    Willow J

SPATTER, student fine artist:                Desmond E

RANDY,  student art critic:                Noah W-W

AMANDA, school newspaper reporter:         Kayla S        

ASHLEY, school newspaper photographer:       Caroline R

TJ, skateboarder, often in detention:             Brycen C

ZACH, his buddy:                        Peter R

DREW, music lover/detention detainee:        Danny O

WILL, a jock                            Ry N

CHARLOTTE, fashionista                    Bethany L 

AMELIA, her trendy friend                    Morgan D

ISABELLA, her other friend                Ava C

MOLLY, a cheerleader:                    Anna D

ANNIE, a cheerleader:                    Elizabeth H


Fantasy comes face to face with the hard reality of high school in this pop musical adventure

where the best — and worst! — of both worlds meet.  In the fairy tale world, princes are

charming and stepsisters are wicked.  But the Woodsman dreams of being more than an incidental character without a name.  He wants to be the hero.  When Cinderella’s stepsisters find a portal to another world, they get zapped into a very real high school.  The Woodsman jumps at the chance to rescue them, but the stepsisters have no intention of returning to the fantasy realm.  After all, in the “real” world, mean girls are popular!  The Woodsman finds himself in over his head and recruits the help of Danica, a hard-core realist who never believed in fairy tales.  She’s running for class president, but her speeches are filled with gloom and doom.  Meanwhile, the sky is falling in the fantasy world!  Without the Woodsman, Little Red is attacked by the wolf and Sleeping Beauty keeps pricking her finger on the ax while chopping her own firewood!  Without the stepsisters, Cinderella’s story is altered and her night at the ball is a disaster.  As reality seeps into the fairy tales, the characters start to break free of their patterns and the classic princesses cross the portal and discover they can be their own

heroes!  You’ll love this complex, rich tapestry of enchanted fun woven with a poignant, meaningful thread about what it means to be alive and in control of your own destiny.