Rehearsal #2 (and Extra Rehearsal)

Hello friends!

This week at NDW we did a lot – in part because we had two rehearsals! I was, unfortunately, not able to attend the extra rehearsal this week, but I heard all about the work our actors would be doing ahead of time.

Lisa started choreography for the show and it looks like our opening number is done – yay! Now it’s up to our actors to keep practicing on their own.

Will also taught a ton of music this week (dare I say all of it?). The great thing about learning the music is that it is much easier to learn the choreography once you know the songs. So hopefully our actors are singing up a storm, even when they’re not at rehearsal, so they will be able to better learn their dances.

We also did some character work this week and got to almost everyone. Actors talked about their characters and their relationships with other characters, as well.

And, in preparation for blocking, we talked about stage directions on Saturday, too. Do you know the difference between stage right and stage left? How about upstage and downstage? I’m sure you know where center stage is though! Right and left is always from the actor’s point of view. So, if you are acting, you are on the stage, facing the audience. That determines which is right and which is left. The confusing thing about this is the directions in the house. Aisle left is the opposite side from stage left because when the actor is in the house s/he is facing the stage. Confused yet? Once you get used to this it becomes really easy – as long as you can tell your right from your left that is.

For upstage and downstage I always think about the fact that a long, long time ago stages were tilted. The front was tilted down and the back part up, so that the audience could see the whole stage better. As such, when you would walk up the stage you would be walking to the back and walking down the stage would bring you to the front. Hence, upstage and downstage.

To end this blog, I’m going to share with you something that Mr. and Mrs. Hood would greatly appreciate – Howdy DoodyThis clip also features Clarabelle the Clown, who is referenced in our play.

See you soon,