Rehearsal 8

We are in the home stretch NDW friends!  We have one more Saturday rehearsal and then we are on to tech week!

What is tech week and what is so special about it?  “Tech” week – or technical week – is when all the elements of the show are put together into what will become the final product after daily (and longer) rehearsals.  Tech week is known by another name as well, but I won’t put that here just in case it offends somebody.

During our NDW tech week a lot of the work is done upfront.  With load-in on Saturday, the set is mostly completed by the time our first rehearsal starts and we don’t hang lights, so a lot of what we do is make small adjustments as we go.  One thing that does get added that can sometimes take several rehearsals is sound.  We need to get the mics in order and get all of our sound cues ready to go.  And of course, the costumes are used for the first time during this week.

The point of all of this is to get the actors ready for opening night (and show weekend) by giving them everything they need to finish creating their characters and the show.  In addition to the technical stuff, we also work to get our actors truly off-book (although they should be already), fix what needs to be fixed in terms of acting, blocking, choreography, and music. 

Speaking of music – this is also the week where the actors get to work with a drummer (and sometimes other musicians as well).  I won’t say that we never use the boom box during tech week, but for the most part the actors get to work pretty exclusively with live music.  

It’s an exciting week.  And the thing that most people take away from tech week has nothing to do with the reason behind having tech week.  It’s a great week to be social.  A lot of cast (and crew) memories are made during this week.  After all – you see each other every day and there’s a lot of that whole hurry up and wait thing going on all over the place.  

So as we get ready to do a lot of work (and it is a lot of work), remember that it can be fun, too.  Let’s have everything ready to go and bring our best attitudes and then, starting on Sunday, you’ll have a great experience and will understand how sad it is when a week after tech week starts, the show is over and we have to part ways.

Until Saturday,