Rehearsal 3/11

It seems so odd to me to think that two weeks from now we will be in tech.  I mean, on one hand, we’ve had a good amount of time to rehearse and are in good shape (especially considering that we still have 2 Saturdays to go), but on the other hand – yikes!

So, what should you do to prepare for how quickly tech week is coming up?  First of all, get some tissues ready for the 8th graders, cuz you never know when that bunch will start tearing up (just like all 8th grade groups before them).  Then, start getting your head in the game – practice, practice, practice.  And finally, enjoy every single second because, before you know it, the show will be over and you will have a long summer to wait for the next NDW show to begin in the fall.

Things to enjoy:

1)      Warm ups with Chris.  Even as an adult I have fond memories of warming up before diving into music with Jane Raithel, who was musical director not only back in my day, but in Chris’s day, too!  Sometimes I even warm up with you guys from the table because I miss it so much.

2)      Watch rehearsals now because soon you won’t be able to.  This is important for a few reasons.  I mean, you can’t be in a show and watch it at the same time – so now’s your chance!  More importantly, it will help you get the flow of the show.  We’ve run Act 1 a couple of times now, but if you haven’t actually taken the time to watch it, you have missed something that leads into something else that will affect your character.  And, on top of all that… if you’re busy watching rehearsal, you’ll be too busy to talk and annoy the staff and your fellow actors (definitely a bonus for me)!

3)      Enjoy being at Cole.  Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a little girl named Debbi who went to Cole Elementary School.  She loved it there.  In kindergarten she even had a school assembly in the gym where her entire class sang, “We Are the World,” which used to be a really well known and popular song.  When she went to her Natick Park & Rec theater programs as a child, she went to the old, red, wooden, Murphy School building.  And then one day the town decided to tear down the old Murphy School and put the park & rec programs at Cole.  Now Debbi had to go to a school further away.  And although she loved Brown School as well, Cole was still her favorite school.  When she got to 4th grade and started NDW, she got to go back to Cole and spent all her time in the gym there and then she was happy again.  So, in honor of that amazingly awesome little girl – love and appreciate Cole School!  And, in all seriousness, Cole is where you make most of your NDW memories so don’t forget to appreciate the place along with those memories.

4)      Listen to the music for our show as often as you can.  Yes, it’s true, you should be listening to the music in preparation for our performances, but listen to it for fun, too.  In less than a month the show will be over, so spend as much time as possible soaking in how fun this music is before you move on to other things.

5)      Enjoy your friends – but not to the detriment of the show.  Look, NDW is a great place to make and hang out with friends.  But if you spend the whole rehearsal talking you miss out on #2 on this list.  And you annoy the staff.  And you’re being disrespectful.  So here’s how you enjoy your friends: bask in their talent.  Each one of our actors is unique, special, and awesome.  Watch them act, sing, and dance.  Appreciate the acting talents they have and give them high fives after a job well done.  Then, during break, chat away about everything else.  The more you appreciate your friends’ talents (and the more they appreciate yours) the richer your friendships will get.  Most of my friends are people I’ve done theater with from high school friends to college friends to community theater friends.  They are all talented and I love watching them do their thing.  As a result, I want to be their friend and learn from them, and bask in their awesomeness.  And based on the fact that friendship is a 2-way street, I’m pretty sure they feel the same way about me.  Mutual awesomeness and stuff in common leads to the foundation for years of wonderful friendships.  But my friends and I also know when to be quiet!  (Sorry – I had to slip that last line in there….)

Follow these simple guidelines and you will be happier and far less sad when NDW comes to an end on April 2nd because you would have spent the time to appreciate NDW and all that it has to offer.  NDW is an amazing program, but can you truly appreciate it if you only pay attention to what you want to pay attention to sometimes?

See you Saturday, when I will be appreciating all of you!


PS: That little girl named Debbi has more Cole stories.  For example – what was the NDW office when Cole was a school?  To find out you have to ask!